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A Paranormal Reader by Gail Godfrey
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Terri Rodabaugh is a professional medium, clairvoyant, and healer serving the Washington DC metro area.

Terri Rodabaugh - medium, clairvoyant, healerTerri has had a varied and extensive career as a practicing medium and healer for over 30 years. Terri uses her clairvoyant and clairaudient talents in her spiritual work.

Terri’s grandfather Jesse had prophetic dreams and his grandmother Annie read for the neighbors using tea leaves and scrying fire. Though able to “see” as a young child, it was in her late twenties that Terri picked up the Tarot cards. She feels that they speak to her clairvoyantly and they are used lovingly in most of her readings. She is also able to see and hear the spirits of the dead and uses these abilities in her readings and other events that she conducts.

Terri is a healer and has attended the Baltimore School of Massage, studied shamanism with Shaman Dana Robinson of the Harner Institute, and Master Alignment with Michele Anderson. Master Alignment techniques allow her to use the guidance of Angel communication in her readings. In addition, she studied Reconnection Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl and Soul Clearings with Anne Brewer. This is especially remarkable since Soul Clearing is an art seldom practiced and rarely taught any more. Terri has studied with the United Metaphysical Churches and received her Mediumship Certification in 2010.

Terri is available for personal or group readings by appointment. She also conducts Healing Sessions, Soul Clearing, Spirit Circles, Table Tipping, and Spirit Investigations.


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