I am a clairvoyant which means that I get information about your deceased loved ones in several different ways. I see them in my mind’s eye...I sense them with a knowing...I hear them like you hear in a dream (telepathically) and sometimes I feel them physically (like how they died).

I work with a spirit guide named Lee Ann. She’s only 6 years old. Most Mediums that I know have one and she is important as she helps to let me know who the spirit is that is coming in the space to speak to you. She is also known to give messages from time to time.

In a reading I will ask for your birthdate. This helps me to touch in with your energy and allows the doorway to open to spirit. I will give you names or initials or the malady that took your loved one from this world. This spirit will then give me information or feelings pertaining to questions that you may have or what they need to say to you that they didn’t get to say to you before they passed this earth.

Please come to me with an open mind and heart. The more skeptical you are, the harder it is for me to get information. Try to have fun with the session. I know that most people who come to see me are coming to me when things are not great in their life and I am sorry for that, but try to keep your energy high and loving so that Spirit can access your energy to come through.

We are all made of energy, even those who have passed still carry their energy with them. They need your energy to come through so try to stay as full of light as possible. If you are down and depressed, it is hard for them to come through to me. My energy is normally high, but it’s always nice to have the added upsurge from the clients.

Future information is generally given to me through the use of tarot cards. Spirit will not remark on the future unless it is crystallized (sure to happen) and since the future is not definite and anything can happen to change it, Spirit doesn’t like to be held to it. The cards help in determining possible future outcomes.

My religion is Metaphysical which believes that all faiths are valid. I call on the energy of the Archangels before working and the Lord’s Prayer for protection before circles. I am a true believer in the Presence of the Most High. I feel guided and that my work is my ministry.

I hope this answers some questions you may have about my work.



Originally posted as, "How I Work" by Terri Rodabaugh/Medium, Sunday, December 18, 2016