What is an Attachment?

Starting this September, my friend Mary Tenaglia and I will be offering a service to remove negative attachments. This is something I have been working towards for many years and it felt perfectly perfect to team up with Mary. She and I have been studying metaphysics in and around each other for over 30 years. We both studied with Anne Brewer (author of "the Power of 12") to learn a healing technique called "soul clearings". In these sessions with our clients we will be utilizing Mary's gifts of counseling and my gifts of hearing Spirit. I have recently acquired a new spirit guide (not really new but new to work with) that will be working closely with me to help remove these attachments from your physical and energetic bodies.


Attachments are energy beings (ghosts, aspects, etc) who decided to stick around you and possibly invade your energy field or aura or even your physical body. They do this generally because there is something about you that they want. You vibrate at the same intensity or did when the attachment decided to attach. It could be a family member or a complete stranger. If you work with energy, do healings, bodywork or readings etc...it could most definitely be a stranger.

What I mean about your vibrations being similar is that we all vibrate to our own resonance. Let's say you were grieving over the loss of someone important in your life. You cried out and were depressed. This entity or energy understands that vibration of grief and was alerted to your request for help. It was probably seeking help as well. So now instead of just working on your own grief, it is impounded by having to deal with this energy's grief as well, making it doubly hard to get rid of or pull yourself out of.

Do you sometimes feel that you just can't get a break? That bad things just keep happening to you? That the light never seems to arrive from out of that tunnel? Well it could be because you have this energy holding you back. It doesn't want you to succeed, it's stuck where it is and therefore keeps you stuck as well.

These energies or entities feed off of our energy and eventually they become us. People may wonder who you are or what happened to you. That you have changed. Well you possibly have because of this interference. Are you someone you don't recognize any longer. It may be because of this entity.

These entities eventually can cause all kinds of maladies. Bankruptcy, divorce, anger, incarceration, illness, accidents, addictions, suicides, violence and death. They want you to go through what they went through in life. Through you... they are reliving their path.

Sometimes you don't have to do anything to get attached. You could be going out for a drink with friends, attending a sports event, visiting a cemetery, doing ghost hunting, any manner of things could draw these to you. What matters is how you are vibrating. The higher your vibration the less these things will want to attach to you. In fact, you will be invisible to them.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out if you are attached and setting up an appointment. We have seen fabulous life changes happen after these are removed. And don't worry..we'll teach you how to keep them from returning.