What are people saying about Terri? Here are some recent testimonials from her satisfied clients.


I firmly believe I was led to Terri.  God, Source, Spirit whatever you call that wonderful sentient energy that makes up the universe.   Three years ago I was at my wits end.  Struggling through 12 years of living with and caregiving for chronically ill parent(s) and a teenage daughter struggling with internal/external darkness.  I did the only thing I was brought up to do.  You raise your head and eyes up and pray.   I’ll say it again…I was led to this wonderful woman named Terri who ½ way through my 1st ever reading said….we need to stop and I want to visit your house and see what is going on.  I am not a guy that is easily distracted by shiny objects or charlatans.  I look at life with a critical eye and an open heart.  Terri is the real deal.   I will not go into lots of detail, but it has been a long journey with my daughter and Terri hung in there with us.   My daughter was clearly attached by dark spirits that were feeding on her and the negativity in our house that the despair of caregiving magnified.   At times I felt like we were in a horror movie like the exorcist. 

I see Terri as professional.  Like a western medicine doctor there is a need to gather data on the patient. What are the symptoms, runs tests, provide treatments.  Understand that Terri may need multiple sessions and try different approaches.    Terri surrounds herself with other professionals and when needed she taps this network to help you.      My sincere hope for the people reading this is to just trust.    I am so happy to share with you that my daughter with Terri’s focus channeling all the wonderful healing spirits around us was able to change her whole outlook on life.   I am so blessed to be able to say she is alive and thriving.  It took multiple sessions, but what is the old saying, “the proof is in the pudding!” 

If you are considering partnering with Terri and I say partnering because this is not mumbo jumbo magic.  Terri is very talented practitioner, but you have to have a stake in the game.  You have to come to her with a sincere desire to vibrate in a way she can help you.   If you show up with a chip on your shoulder you are not going to have the experience you may have wanted.   I have learned from Terri that your vibration is so important.  If you vibrate low, darkness can find you…if you vibrate higher, guess what, light and positivity finds you.   Your vibrations connect you to everything around you.  We are a planet/universe made of up positive and negative charges.  Your energy connects you to your loved ones, guardians and all the other wonderful spirits around you that want you to be happy!  When I start having negative thoughts (part of just being human) I remind myself “don’t vibrate there.”

I feel so blessed to have been led to Terri.   There is so much out there (energies, spirits, dimensions) that our human brains cannot perceive.   I am thankful Terri has these gifts of perception and uses them for good.  Plus,  She is genuinely just a nice person.    

 Signed, Forever grateful! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! 

Thank you so much for the Connecting with Mom Circle you hosted. This was my first time ever receiving a reading. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I immediately felt relaxed when I walked in the room and met you for the first time. You have a very special smile and way about you that is very comforting. I was just amazed while sitting and listening not only to my own reading but those around me. Your gift is so special and you are so wonderful to share and help me and others get some peace for our loss. I was so hoping to connect with my mom and you were able to speak with her spirit. This was my first Mother's Day without my mom, but your gift made me know she is always with me. I definitely plan on coming to see you again. Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon.

Pam M.

Terri has an amazing gift. I have been fortunate enough to be at and host many of Terri's circles. I am always amazed at how accurate she is when connecting with spirit and giving messages to loved ones. After a circle, people walk away with a sense of peace and healing knowing that their loved ones are still with them and really have never left.

Paula L.

Terri opened the door to my spiritual awakening. When you lose a loved one all you want to do is say I love you and have one more conversation with them. Through Terri's gift you can have that and so much more. When I met Terri for the 1st time I instantly felt love all around me. I quickly learned it was my family coming through supporting and loving me. Through their guidance my life has changed. Terri's been blessed with a gift that she is willing to share. You will never regret the amazing experience Terri can offer you.

Nancy P.

Terri brings light to darkness for love ones in this world and the dearly departed. She is our telephone to heaven. The clear detail of how my girl and her responses were brought through. Whether it be love or advice on a subject matter, Terri brought the message and helps you think in a higher manner... what needs to get done. Thank you, Terri.

Gina D.

Recently, I lost 2 loved ones in my life and I've spent the last year trying to make sense of what happened. After having a spiritual connection session with Terri, I was able to fit the missing pieces together. I had never met Terri before, a friend that I barely knew suggested I talk to her.. She named places, names, dates and events that only I could've known, therefore I knew this was the real thing. I felt as if they were there in the room with us and I was talking to them through Terri. I didn't know what to expect going in and was a bit nervous. Coming out I felt a calm I had never known.

The next morning after speaking with her her, I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted. I had a new energy in my life and realized it was time to move on, that there is a reason for everything. I'm now living some of my dreams, things that I've put on hold for years and I attribute a lot of that to Terri. Many of my friends will be calling her, they can't believe the change they see in me. I would suggest anyone take time to do this for themselvelves, it's a wonderful "cleansing of the soul."


...I must say that every thing Terri said to me during the reading she did for me is true. All of it. And how could she know me that well? It was done via Facebook, she doesnt know me at all, and we live so so so far from one another. Heck, we never even spoke on the telephone. Yet, everything she relayed to me via Facebook is just on the money....


My husband and I learned about Terri Rodabaugh quite by "accident." Shortly afterward we were happy to learn Terri had set up shop at Gabriel's Inn and quickly made an appointment with her. Her warm demeanor and direct approach to our reading was refreshing. Terri immediately acknowledged that we had a good many friends and family present, and went on to give us an extremely good reading. She brought in people we could easily identify, and warmed our hearts with their messages. Terri verified for us what we had felt; that our loved ones are around us and with us, and we continue to be loved and watched over by them. Terri is truly gifted and has the good heart to share that gift to the benefit others. We totally recommend Terri for those who want to reconnect with loved ones who have crossed over.

Pat and John

I have known Terri for over two years. As a teacher she has helped answer questions about my spiritual development. It has been awesome being a part of her development group of like minded people - to understand and explore all kinds of subjects. As a mentor, she supports each of us and continues to be my first "go to" source. She has become a great friend, and I look forward to each meeting.

Kimberly C.

I recently attended one of Terri's spirit circles for the first time and was amazed! Although Terri only knew my first name, the amount of personal detail she provided about my departed loved ones was uncanny. She gave me information regarding their ailments, how they passed and even their humor. And all of it was incredibly accurate. I was dumbfounded. I absolutely recommend Terri for those who have lost loved ones and would like to reconnect with them!

Bud R.

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