Terri is a regular participant on the show, "The Haunted View," a round-table discussion on Spirit and the paranormal.

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Terri Rodabaugh is proud to be in featured in the new book, "A Paranormal Reader," by Gail Godfrey, published by Merwede Press.

A Paranormal Reader by Gail Godfrey
True encounters with remarkable mediums, ghosts, precognition, remote viewing, near-death experiences, voices without bodies, the afterlife, mystic visions, negative entities, spirit rescue, out-of-body travel, animal communication, higher selves, orbs, angels, shadow men, columns of light, and a lily in the snow -- extraordinary stories alongside science, medical research, and paranormal history. Whether you’re a graduate student of the supernatural or an apprentice, this book has something new to tell you about the dimensions beyond.


Haunted Syndicate Interview on 9/19/2010
(There is about 1 minute of silence before the show begins.)

Spirit Watch Radio Interview with Clay Smith on 11/18/2014

Presentation of Evidence from Ghost Investigation:

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