Schedule of Services

Terri works in the Washington DC Metro Area, with regular appointments in Frederick, Maryland.

For more information or to sign up for any service listed below, please contact Terri.

Private Readings

Terri offers private readings during which she connects with loved ones that are around you in Spirit. Guides, Angels, and Teachers may also visit to impart their wisdom. The suggested donation is $75 for a half-hour reading. A 50% deposit is required, payable through PayPal.

For more about what you'll experience in a reading with Terri, please see the About page.


Spirit Circle

Spirit Circles last about 2.5 hours and seats are $40 per person. Circles are limited to 8 people, and fill up quickly! A 1-seat deposit ($40) is required per reservation, payable through PayPal.

Private, in-home circles are also available, limited to the Frederick area.


By Appointment:


Having studied massage, reiki, shamanism, reconnection healing, therapeutic touch, and master alignment, Terri utilizes all of these modalities within her healing sessions. She does not touch you throughout the session but you may feel hands touching you. These are the healers in Spirit that work with Terri from the other side. People have been known to hear things, see things like flashing lights and blue lights coming off of Terri's hands. Others have seen entities or shadows. Some have felt cool breezes.

The sessions are done in private, but Terri encourages witnesses to relay what they experienced to the healee during the session. One such witness burst into tears saying that it was the most holy experience she'd ever seen!

The sessions run about one hour and cost $100.


Table Tipping

Table tipping dates back to the 1800's when Spiritualism was in it's heyday. Abraham Lincoln was known to host Table Tippings in the White House during his Presidency. This form of divination is finding a resurgence here and in the UK.

Terri and her guests seat themselves around a small table and after a few minutes of meditation, prayer and singing the table will start to move. Generally, it moves towards the person getting a message and then it will start to tip yes or no answers. It is a fun time of message bearing, chasing the table around the room and communication with Spirit.

Warning!! Spirit has been known to get rambunctious!

Contact for Availability:


Terri's classes allow you to experience and practice many forms of divination, and learn the basics of skills such as meditation, chakra work, and aura reading.


Negative Attachment Release

Starting September 2015, Terri and a colleague will offer a healing service to remove negative attachments, or "soul clearing." Learn more: What is an attachment?


Spirit Investigations & Property Clearings

Pricing and terms vary. Contact Terri for details and availability.


Unless noted otherwise, please contact Terri to schedule an appointment or for more information on any of her services.